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Butternut Squash Dog Chew Treat

In continuing my love affair with the easy to grow and extremely cheap butternut squash, I decided to use some for dog treats.  After Googling, "butternut squash dehydrated dog treats" the first … [Read More...]

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Sun and Shade

I thought this was a great picture to illustrate the importance of sun and shade in your designs, and learning through observation.  We have several areas in the yard that are almost always in shade, … [Read More...]

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Spending Was At An All Time Low For Black Friday This Year And Corporations Lost Billions

  For years, Black Friday brawls and rampant materialism on the day after Thanksgiving have become a sort of twisted American celebration. However, each year the excitement continues to die down as people reject the Black Friday antics and instead do their shopping online or on other days. According to a survey by the National […]

Things My Dog Likes

While you’re doing your best to eat healthy there’s no reason to leave Man’s Best Friend out of the loop.  Although some human foods are bad for dogs (and vice versa), there are many healthy human foods that are good for your four legged buddy.

Caveman Conditioning – Uncivilized, Minimalist Training Methods

Caveman conditioning revolves around rather uncivilized and minimalist, but very rewarding, strength training methods out in nature, whether it be the woods, the mountains, wherever. Why bother with a gym or expensive equipment when you can get your strength training for little to no money? Even if the closest thing to nature you have available […]

A New Resistance: A Message from Ed Brown

After working for over five years Directing and Producing “Unacceptable Levels” I thought I wouldn’t be up for another film about this subject anymore.  It’s not that it doesn’t interest me as a citizen and as a person, as toxic chemicals are still all around us and the fight is just beginning. I thought I […]

Tiny House Resources

Are you thinking of building a tiny house, or just in love with the idea and the design?  Here are some of my favorite resources, manufacturers, and newsletters.  These sites often have free downloadable plans, tutorial videos, and links to other resources such as deconstruction salvage services and compact furnishings.

Crispy Raw Crackers

Store bought for $1.40 per gram, versus home made for .23 cents per gram. One of the hardest things for me on my healthier diet is giving up my favorite junk foods, like crunchy corn chips.  I am on a continual quest to create healthy food that meets my culinary needs for flavor and texture. […]

Uncivilized Peanut Butter Cookies

This recipe took several attempts. I think it was about 4, and we ate all the failures. It was worth it. I consider it my sacrifice for science. Although these cookies are probably about 6gm of carbs each, all the ingredients are very low glycemic index, and things like butter and peanut butter have “zero” […]

Kombucha Recipe

I finally added my kumbucha video to Youtube, and a short follow up video of what the new culture looked like about a week later. If you’re not familiar with kombucha, it’s a fermented beverage you can make at home, with just a few simple ingredients and a kombucha culture.  It’s been made for thousands […]

The GMO Challenge

I wanted to wait to discuss this until after I went to a talk by Michael Pollan about the aftermath of Prop. 37. While the votes are still being counted Proposition 37 – the Right to Know initiative that would have labeled GMOs in our food – has been called as defeated. We can hold […]

Awesome Vegan Kale Soup!

I was originally just going to call this Awesome Soup, because it’s so AWESOME, but I didn’t think people would try it if they didn’t know what was in it.  It tastes meaty, buttery, and creamy. Need I go on? I CAN’T STOP EATING IT!  You won’t believe it’s healthy, gluten free, low carb, and […]