Are you a qualified reader?

I love HubSpot products like Website Grader.  Even the free reports give a great overview of all the key areas you should address to make a great site.  As an example of things you might miss, I followed one bloggers recommendation to add a lot of pictures to my blog because you know, people like pictures.  But Website Grader pointed out that the number of pictures I posted is slowing down my page load, which will lower my pagerank on Google.

Another favorite blogger offered “keeping it real” advice in his article How to Write Epic Sh_t.  A great title for an article about being honest and writing passionately about things you care passionately about.  I’ve tried to incorporate this into everything I write, otherwise what’s the point?

Sometimes it’s hard to balance all the advice in how to build and reach a like-minded community.  If I really wanted to maximize the best SEO tips I read this month, every blog would be titled, “How to lose weight and make a million dollars overnight.”  Which I should probably shorten to, “24 hours to being a wealthy supermodel.”  I guess that’s what everyone really wants to be.

The last report I ran on shows that I am now pouring my heart out with valuable life changing tips at an elementary school level.  I’m trying not to take that assessment personally since I think the upside is that I can reach an even larger audience.

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  1. I graduated elementary school, so I believe I am a qualified reader. Whew!

    I enjoy your posts, although I’m a new reader (came over from the Vansteading circle). Our particular blog (not a vansteading site) got only 74% blogginess, although that seems good enough to get by and not sell anything, while still getting promoted to the next grade.

    Keep writing!
    The Good Luck Duck

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